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Work Package A: Ecology of valuable broadleaved species

A1. Autoecology of the main valuable broadleaved species in the Pyrenean area

Full technical guide

Individual species booklets:







A2. Ecology and silviculture of species in the Pyrenean area and surrounding regions

Full technical guide

Individual species booklets :






Work Package B: Innovation in plantation techniques

Technical guide: protecting trees against browsing damage – Mesh tree guards

Individual chapters :







Work Package C: Innovation on plantation schemes

Dossier: species choice, density, plantation scheme, species composition

Individual booklets:








Diversification of a poplar plantation with hybrid walnut for valuable timber production - Journal "Silvicultura" 66 (Catalan)








Other publications in the framework of Pirinoble project

Le projet Européen POCTEFA PIRINOBLE – Forêt-entreprise 204 (2012) (French)

Technical report on the trip through Midi-Pyrénées (France) by Spanish silvicultors; 30th August – 1st September 2011 (Catalan)


Previous publications from Pirinoble partners

2009: CTFC - CPF: Practical guide for valuable timber production - walnut and cherry plantations (Catalan)