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The project Pirinoble (Valuable broadleaves for restoring and enhancing economic development of rural areas: innovation and technology transfer on sustainable plantation techniques) has been co-funded by the ERDF European fund in the framework of the Operational Programme of Territorial Cooperation Spain-France-Andorra, POCTEFA 2007-2013. It was developed from September 2009 to June 2013, as a joint initiative of four partners from Spain and France.

The main aim of the Project is to promote valuable broadleaved tree species, based on their economic and environmental benefits, in rural areas of the Pyrenean region, through coordinated action in three work packages:

  • Work package A: Improved knowledge of the ecology and adaptation of valuable broadleaved species
  • Work package B: Development and evaluation of more sustainable and environmental friendly techniques for plantation tending.
  • Work package C: Innovation on valuable broadleaves plantations management, aiming at enhancing their productive and environmental interest

Each of these work packages is approached by literature research and compilation, experimental - demonstrative field trials and by technical and divulgation publications.